Till’ death do us part – My marriage with prostate massage

Till’ death do us part – My marriage with prostate massage Ever since I have been a young guy, I have always had commitment issues. Perhaps this is due to my parents separating and getting a divorce when I was younger. I have never seen a healthy or steady relationship, and the one’s that I […]


Why Lingam massage is best massage you can get

Do you often treat yourself to massage as a way of ironing out your stresses and unwinding after a long day at the office? Some say it doesn’t get much more relaxing than a traditional Swedish massage – but we’ve got to say we disagree. Let us introduce you to a massage therapy which not […]


The secret history of Tantric massage and why you should get one

If you love to be teased, tantalised and insanely turned on then a Tantric massage has your name written all over it. The massage has been prominent in many erotic massage parlours for centuries, with there being no sign of it declining anytime soon. But what makes Tantric massage so special? It is rich in […]


Lingam for your lover

Many people may have heard of the word lingam but do know what it is or what it means. Basically, a lingam massage is a type of massage that focuses primarily on the penis. However, we do have to remember that a penis is an organ made up of so many different parts that have […]


A finger up the bum?? It all sounds very foreign to me….

  Ever wondered about getting a prostate massage, ever regretted not trying it? We spoke to three men in their 70’s who had never had a prostate massage before but were willing to give it a go! Generation X, Generation Z, millennials…all these groups have a different relationship with sex than the generations that came […]


Six things you probably didn’t know about Nuru

Over the last decade, Nuru massage has gained humungous popularity in the Western world. The adult bodywork is often dubbed the naughtiest massage of them all – and it’s not hard to see why. The service is seductive, soothing and sexy, taking the receiver to a blissful seventh heaven as they share a sensual experience […]


a b2b massage in soho london

Stages of getting your first body-to-body massage

Body-to-body massage, the crème de la crème of adult services and of the most sought massages in the city of London. Every day sees new men visiting erotic massage parlours to trial the infamous body-to-body massage and fall in love with the sexy service. Booking your first B2B stimulates a cocktail of emotions and feelings, […]


a man getting a 4 hands massage in a london hotel

2 Masseuses: a hotel treat

Coming to London town on holiday or for a business trip? Fancy making sure the good times roll? Then think about booking yourself in for an erotic massage. Interested? Why not really treat yourself and book two girls at once. That’s right, ever fantasised about having a threesome? Well not only could your few nights […]