Reconnect With Yourself Through Sensual Massage

Millennials are the most overworked, stressed out, sleep deprived and occupied generation to exist. In an age where technology is constantly advancing, social media has grained itself deeply into society and culture. Although the internet has enabled us to connect with everyone and everything across the globe, from people, music, fashion and culture, we are […]


Four reasons why four hands massage is the ultimate pleasure

Ever thought about a 4 hands massage in London? If you have a taste for the finer things in life then you’ve definitely come to the right page. Here at Erotic Adult Massage we never want to put limitations on your fun, which is why we recommend that every gentlemen experiences the full thrills four […]


The luscious history of Lingam massage

Lingam massage is one of the oldest erotic therapies there is and thereby, is super rich in history. While many believe it to be a glorified term for a handjob, this isn’t the case at all – there is in fact, more than 500 techniques which make up Lingam massage. Lingam’s roots date back to […]


What is erotic massage?

What is an Erotic Massage?

When most people hear the words “erotic massage” they attach negative thoughts and opinions to it, looking down on people who receive them as well as people who provide them. Erotic massage therapy is a taboo topic, with many people not agreeing with them due to religious or social believes. However, like many other taboo […]


Breaking the Taboo - Prostate Massage is for Everyone

Prostate massage therapy is a unique and intimate massage therapy style that can be used both for medical reasons and for pleasure. Although we already know quite a bit about its medical side and the health benefits it can provide for men, it is quite a taboo topic when it comes to speaking about it […]


Nuru Massage; heard of it?

Nuru massage is one of the most revolutionary erotic massage styles to have been introduced to the UK market and if you are yet to sample it for yourself let me be the first to welcome you in to the wonderful slippery sensual massage that is Nuru. Now a little background on Nuru to start […]


What Sensual Massage Therapy Means to me

Like many massages that have a more erotic nature, ‘Sensual Massage Therapy’ has always had quite a stigma attached to it due to its intimate ways and levels of pleasure it can bring you. Societal norms allow people to quickly judge those who choose to make use of services such as these, automatically assuming that […]


Tantric Tales

With the winter months finally coming to a long-awaited end and the sun beginning to shine brightly throughout the U.K, it is hard not to feel in good spirits. However, for some people, it can be a little bit more difficult to shake off the winter blues. Luckily for you, we have various massage parlours […]


Body to body Massage Stars in Your Eyes!

On this week’s special edition we have an exclusive treat for you. Now as you may be aware of all the erotic massage styles available under our roof the one with the most celebrity attention is by far tantric massage. Now body to body massage is popular with celebrities for a number of reasons. Perhaps […]